Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spain Cigarettes - Ducados

Ducados Cigarettes are to Spain what Gauloises Cigarettes are to France. The blue and white packets of Ducados traditionally have been the cigarettes of choice for everyone from fashion people to the man in the street.

The brands are popular, too, with British and French “tobacco tourists”, who reserve Ducados and other cheap cigarettes while on holiday in Spain.

Ducados are so much a part of Spanish culture that their popularity has mirrored social change.

Traditionally, the strong Ducados negros were smoked by men. As more women joined the workforce in and after the 1960s, the black cigarettes became less popular because many women didn’t like the bad taste that they left in the mouth. The lighter rubio (blond) Ducados were launched and have become more popular than the negros.

Yet the brand may be about to lose some of its appeal. Altadis, the Spanish manufacturer, is to raise its price. The price of Ducadaos rubios, “blonde cigarettes”, will go up by 29 per cent.

Ducados is probably the most representative Spanish cigarette brand, with its well-built and rich flavor. In Spain, this brand is called "Tabaco negro" (Black tobacco) due to its supposed purity and the use of less chemical which make its color a lot darker than any other brands. Ducados cigarettes are made with 100% Canarian tobacco and it's probably the only brand in Spain that uses white filter tips which makes Ducados a very distinguishable brand.

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  2. I remember buying some aged 16 in Spain cos they were about 10p for 20, they tasted of shit, I can still taste them now 20 years later

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